Sculptor Vasily Borodai

Vasiliy Borodai – artist-philosopher, thinker. The sculptor’s creativity is an expression in the form of a synthesis of thoughts and searches for truth. The sculptor strives for clarity, harmonic simplicity, restraint of compositional solutions. A distinctive feature of his work is laconicism, reminiscent of the canonical language of the icon. Works in the field of interior and park and monumental sculpture. A favorite theme of creativity is the inspirational heroes of Ukrainian and world history, abstract spiritual concepts, female images. The sculptor conducts training in a creative workshop in the areas of: academic modeling, composition and graphics. A professional approach, deep knowledge and an unsurpassed sense of humor attract more and more new students to the sculptor’s workshop.
Sculptor Vasiliy Borodai was born in 1981 in Ukraine, Kyiv, in the family of the famous sculptor, academic Vasiliy Zacharovich Borodai. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture  PhD Shvezova V.V. studio in 2005. In the period 2005 по 2008 Vasiliy Borodai further perfected his artistic skills in the postgraduate school under the guidance of PhD Shvezova V.V. In 2008  Borodai joins the Ukrainian Artists Union. Since 2009 — teacher  of the Department of Sculpture at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Kyiv).