Полум’я віри. Василій Великий. 2003.

Автор: Олексій Леонов
Матеріал: Шамот
Місцезнаходження: Частное собрание

Saint Basil the Great (329 – 379) is truly Great, which manifested itself in three virtues of his life: he is the Great Archpastor of the Church, the Great Lawgiver of monastic life and his Great Holiness. “St. Basil is one of the brightest and most glorious figures of the ancient Greek Church… His rules became the code of monastic life in the East, as the rules of St. Benedict in the West… He is an ascetic, bishop, besidnik, teacher, theologian and scientist. He, without any doubt, is the most representative of the Church of his time… The life of St. Vasily is in harmony with his science, and his science is a reflection of his life…” – Father Jean Riviere.
Sculpture “Flame of Faith. Basil the Great”. 2003, fireclay.